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Welcome to Sock's Manangos faucet video game!

Please enter your stellar address to start earning Manangos V2. Address Box giving you grief?

*Must have a Manangos/Stellar trust-line set-up to actually claim your Manangos.
You can still earn Manangos with just an activated stellar address, you just won't be able to collect your Manangos until you activate a trust-line. Or you can just play for fun.


Want to earn some Manangos now, but don't have a trust-line and/or stellar address yet? Introducing "Sock's Faucet IOUs". Earn now, redeem later! You may even recieve enough stellar to set up a trust-line.


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Click me if the game doesn't load!

Unity neither endorses/opposes this use of their technology. Unity is very generous with allowing people to use their engine.
This site doesn't represent any part of Unity or their brand, just something cool you can do with the engine.
Please also read Unity's Privacy Policy to know about what information they collect for the game.

Site and Game are in beta. Quirks expected!

Found a bug? We have a form for that here.