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Address Lock

What is address locking?

It's a way to block others from playing the game with your address.

What are the advatages?

You can use a handle/username for the game. Without locking your account, there would be nothing stopping people from changing each other's names.

You can prevent others from playing on your address. This can prevent people from tanking your scores. This is optional, you can allow others to play on your address if they for some reason they want to earn you some Manangos.

You can use your handle/username to earn Manangos. This just makes logging back in, or from different places, easier

Persistent settings

What do I need to do?

You'll want a name to go by:

And of course a *password:

*Do not use a password here that you use for anything else! This recommendation is for your own security! If the website is compromised, so is whatever password you enter here. We are not responsible if any data is leaked, and we purposefully collect as little info as possible, in case of a security breach.

Then of course, the stellar address you're locking. This field should already be filled in if you've played the game on this device recently.

Then, to make sure you're you, send exactly the amount of Manangos listed in the box below, after you hit submit, to


Your username won't be public until your account is successfully locked. Also, please note that this is the only reason you should be sending Manangos/crypto to use this service, and it should be less than 1 Manango, which you can earn by playing like 5 seconds of the faucet game.

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